The Gerry Quigley Band

Bio – Gerry Quigley

Dublin born and bred Blues/Rock guitarist and virtuoso composer Gerry Quigley has been captivating crowds with his hypnotic melodies and spine-tingling guitar solos in a career that spans 5 decades.

Quigley’s music is timeless as it evokes memories of his youth, from the Blues and Heavy Rock of his teenage years in 70’s Dublin, through to Heavy Rock, Blues and Celtic Folk Rock of the 80’s and 90’s and 00’s during 30 years in Western Australia.

With his present day Blues, Rock and Instrumental Progressive Rock and it’s unmistakeable Celtic feel, it’s no surprise that Quigley is making his mark on Ireland, the UK and Europe once more.

Captivating the audience where ever he plays, from pubs, clubs and theatres to music festivals, when you hear those first few guitar notes you just know the show is going to be something special.

Known on both sides of the globe for his jaw-dropping guitar wizardry and his eclectic collection of guitars and things with strings, including a one of a kind double-neck Mandola/Bouzouki, from Ireland to the UK & Europe, to the USA and Australia nowhere is safe from the effect of his mesmerizing melodies.

One thing is for certain – prepare to be captivated!


“Unique and infectious brand of Celtic hard edge blues and rock”, “The purest quality in terms of guitar playing” – album review, Blues Matters magazine (UK) Feb 2017

“Phil Lynnott and Thin Lizzy. Quigley is one of that rare breed” – album review, Blues Matters magazine (UK) Feb 2017

“I’ve never seen so many jaws hit the floor at once when Gerry started playing” – Social Media, after final show at Ballyshannon Rory Gallagher Festival 2016

“Clapton, Hendrix and so on … you may add Quigley to that list. Incredible!” – Social Media, after a show at Whelan’s Dublin 2015

“If my Philip was still alive, I just know he would choose you to be guitarist in his band”
Philomena Lynnott, (family friend and mother of Ireland’s greatest rocker Phil Lynnott of Thin LIzzy) after cheering Gerry while standing on her chair as Gerry & band played his epic “Weeping Willow” at a charity concert in Dublin. 2011


Weeping Willow – Gerry’s epic most-requested instrumental prog rock tune, played by both The Shinkickers and The Nomadic Druids:

Gerry’s Guitar Solo from Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb – Epic! :

Tattoo’d Lady – Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival Ballyshannon 2016

The Lonesome Boatman – Trad.Irish Finbar Furey – Banshee Records
(Arranged by G.Quigley, Druidstone Records)

Testimonials include:

“Exquisite progressive rock guitar mastery” – Blues Matters magazine (UK)

“Man, I just LOVE your vibrato!”
– Roy Buchanan (USA Blues guitar legend) backstage at Perth Concert Hall, Western Australia, after handing his guitar to Gerry and asking him to play.

“Wow, that was REALLY cool!
– Steve Morse
(Guitarist, Deep Purple) after watching Gerry play some of that Quigley guitar madness with his band at Burswood Casino, Perth Western Australia the night before the Deep Purple show.

“Shinkickers: now we are talking about my local “blues band”. Their music is so distinctive, great blues numbers with a lot of Irish music thrown in thanks to Gerry, the lead guitarist. Love ’em.” – Janice Dunning, Journalist – ABC South West, Blues at Bridgetown Festival 2010

“The Shinkickers from the first listen have thoroughly impressed me with their talents. The guitars, the sound and the energy behind what they play is absolutely astounding. The commitment they’ve shown thus far to their music has been proven evident with every song. These are people who love music! ” – Ash Fierro – The Chaos Box 99.3 FM Los Angeles, California

“The West Coast Blues and Roots Festival was billed as the “music lover’s weekend” and this was not an understatement. Boasting 50 acts over three stages, it promised to be big – and it delivered. On the Saturday, I arrived just in time in the afternoon to see The Shinkickers on the Crossroads stage, which was located just next to the gates. Ignoring the heat, the band impressed with their jam-styled blues, and ended their set with a scintillating version of their instrumental, Weeping Willow. The Shinkickers are a fantastic ambassador for the Perth blues scene.” – Shichi – The West Coast Blues and Roots Festival, Western Australia 2008

Youtube: Sunset – A Shinkickers original plus at 3:55 Misirlou the Dick Dale classic!

“Your tone is one of the best I’ve ever heard myself, very pure and rich not ruined by loads of pedals”
Jerome Rimson (Music Producer, Recording artist, Bassist for Van Morrison (5 years), Bassist for Phil Lynnott debut solo album, recording Bassist to the stars including Bee Gees, Aretha Franklin, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and more) by email

“Amazing album, I love it! I hope you sell a million (at least). I don’t know what I can do to help but if you need anything just shout”
Smiley Bolger, (respected Dublin music promoter, former Radio DJ and founder of “The Vibe for Philo” – Phil Lynnott memorial festival) on a postcard to Gerry in Australia after listening to The Nomadic Druids debut album.