Ballyshannon International Rory Gallagher Fest 2017

June 1st – 4th 2017
Located in Rory Gallagher’s hometown of Ballyshannon, Co.Donegal where Rory fans make their pilgrimage each year to remember the life and music of their hero.  Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers will play a captivating and mesmerising set of Rory Gallagher classics combined with their own mix of originals and classic rock & blues.

Gerry may also be very aptly paired with visiting blues guitarist Peter Price (UK) to form an amazing duo to play some very special impromptu acoustic blues guitar sessions as they did when Gerry made his Ballyshannon debut in 2016.

But then again, we are not really sure until the gig guide is announced, anything is possible so stay tuned!

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