Gerry Quigley (Ireland)

Festival of the Strings is a feature-packed live music event, known by fans on both sides of the globe for it’s showcase of mesmerising guitar and string wizardry, a triple-header show with three outstanding headline artists and bands in one night!

Prepare to be captivated with this power-packed night and it’s focus on original music.

Each show will have a theme, and will focus on either Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock, Celtic Folk Rock or even Classic Blues as some of the best of the best guitar legends and bands combine forces to bring you this jaw-dropping guitar spectacle of the guitar and other things with strings.

A musical soundscape described as mesmerising and captivating, rocking and explosive, dreamy and enchanting or a combination of all of the above!

Gerard Maunick (Mauritius, Australia)

Druidstone Media is proud to present this powerhouse of guitar magic, Festival of the Strings.

One thing is for certain – prepare to be captivated!

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